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BCTF COVID-19 Safety Plan

We invite you to view our plan to provide bowling as safe as possible.

Langford Lanes Logo

The Langford Lanes Youth League a competitive and recreational youth bowling club for ages 5 to 21. We offer an inclusive program for all levels of skill and ability. 

We are proud to provide families a healthy, fun and 100% positive environment for kids to develop skills and build friendships. Bowling is a sport for youth interested in discovering a game of physics, patience and confidence.

We offer activities and events for the entire family; we want you to discover all the benefits youth bowling offers! We invite you to join us every Saturday this fall!

Announcement: Langford Lanes has re-opened and we recommend you take the time to read the City Centre Park Health and Safety Plan.

Club News

Youth League Special

As we have decided to take an extended winter break due to the new COVID guidelines, Langford Lanes has decided to offer additional specials to all of the league bowlers. Beginning December 12th, youth league players are still welcome Saturday Mornings between...

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Team Shirts Are Here

The long wait is officially over! Our Youth shirts have arrived and we are excited to be sporting a new look for all of our bowlers! Special and HUGE Thanks to MegaScreen for the printing and ordering of the shirts, and Talcore Walls and Ceilings, McDerMaid's for...

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New Safety Rules

New Safety Rules

This past weekend, we have rolled out a stronger set of Safety Rules for League Play. Our hard work keeping safe is working well, and there are a couple new additions to the Rules. Please speak to us about any concerns you may have. We are all in this together!

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Club Calendar

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The League

The Langford Lanes Youth League (LLYL) is an all-inclusive bowling program for ages 5 to 21.

Whether for competition or recreation, bowlers are given a personalized approach that is focused on the individual athlete’s development and goals.

Sport for Life Canada (CS4L) and the Canadian Tenpin Federation (CTF) outline the framework we follow for the Long-Term Athletic Development of our youth bowlers. These plans emphasize on teaching physical literacy, promoting healthy engagement and maintaining activity in sport for life.

We are pleased to provide a program that includes access to one-on-one training, staged development plans and certified coaching.

These support each bowler in finding success in their game. We are bowlers for life and foster the love for the game and the opportunities it provides.

The Support

We are proud members and support the the Southern Vancouver Island Tenpin Bowling Association (SVITBA), BC Tenpin Federation and the Canadian Tenpin Federation in their leadership and success in bringing the sport of bowling to over 20,000 Canadians.






Did we fill the House this Season?

The House

We are proud to call Langford Lanes home and we honestly feel we bowl in the best house in the Province of BC!


Langford Lanes Logo


We thank City Centre Park for their continued support in building a community of bowling families.

City of Langford

We appreciate the City of Langford for their amazing vision and development of sport for youth and adults; amateurs and professional alike.


The Bowlers

We are even prouder of our young athletes and the accomplishments they make. Some play for the thrill of competition and some want the fun and friends that are made.

Bowling invites players for many reasons and discovering how to get the most from your experience is the goal of our program.


Serving Our Youth Bowling Community

We believe strongly in our athletes and work to help them reach their goals and find new ones. We are gifted with wonderful members of our bowling family. We have a love of the game and want you to discover the many benefits bowling has on a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to find the best every athlete has to give and show it! 

The Sport of Bowling

Most come to bowl for the pure enjoyment! It feels great to hit the pins and make the tough spare. Most also don’t realize the level of athleticism, concentration and confidence it take to compete in the sport. It takes a commitment to training like all sports. Bowling offers access to post-secondary advancement, scholarships and collegiate competition. 

Club Programs

Competitive Development

We aim towards Provincials and Nationals every season, and those who desire to compete, are offered Personalized Development Plans and Training Programs.

Family Fun Events

All the season, special events are scheduled to give everyone a chance to try their hand at the game. Friends are always welcome too!

LLYL Academy

A must for the competitor and open to all youth who want to take it up a level.

Sessions are running this summer and throughout the fall season.

Saturday Practice

Every Saturday before League is your opportunity to get one-on-one coaching, drills to build on and a great warmup.

Sessions are included with every registration.

Bowling for Life

Bowling is a sport and recreational activity we all can enjoy from the time we are old enough to roll a ball down a ramp to throwing strikes past 100.

Bowling is enjoyed by millions around the world every day and youth build life skills and life experiences through the sport and the opportunities it provides. 

Bowling for Fitness

If you don’t believe bowling is built on fitness, you may be surprised at how physical a league day or tournament weekend can be.

A League day of bowling burns 200 – 700 calories depending on your age and physical fitness. Bowling helps maintain a healthy fitness routine.

Bowling for Friends

The greatest benefits of bowling socially, are what most are looking for, and easily find in the sport of bowling.

Youth bowling is for making new friends and sharing time as family.

Youth and adults share the excitement and experience in an environment full of positive encouragement. 

Club Sponsors

Every sponsorship dollar given, goes directly to the youth and their families!

With the generous donations from sponsors like Talcore Walls & Ceilings and GFX Signs, we are able to to provide training, tournaments and the tools to promote youth bowling on the South Island.

Should you be interested in more information on how you can get involved, please contact us at

Want to Join The Club?

The League has grown exponentially in the past two seasons and we’d love you to be part of the growth.

We are looking for members to help us manage and roll out our bowling programs to the best of our abilities. Should you enjoy no pay for the greatest reward of giving back, give a shout.

We’d love to have you!

Langford Lanes & City Centre Park
1097 Langford Parkway
Victoria, BC
V9B 0A5

PH: 1.250.391.1738